Monday 25 September 2017
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 AAA President Dahlan Al Hamad Welcomes OCA Asian Youth Athletic training Camp Athletes

Talented young athletes from around Asia were officially welcomed to the OCA Youth Athletics Training Camp at Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. The two-week camp is for athletes aged 16-17 and is being co-hosted by OCA and Aspire Academy, focusing on middle distance running and the long jump.

“I see here the future of athletics in Asia. This camp is going to be remembered because some of the faces in the audience will represent their countries in the future at events like Asian and World Championships as well as at the Olympic Games,” added Dahlan Al-Hamad, President of the Asian Athletics Association.

OCA representative Vahid Kardany said the OCA youth camp began in 2009 and stressed the good results of former youth camp participants at sport events such as the recent Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing.

“This camp will add a lot of technical values to the future careers of these young athletes,” he said. “We want to thank Aspire Academy for the opportunity to use these fantastic facilities; we want to thank the coaches for their commitment and everyone else who is involved in this camp in Doha.”

The OCA training takes place from September 1-14. The athletes are training daily at the indoor and outdoor track in the morning and the afternoon. They are supported by coaches and sports scientists of Aspire Academy who are collecting athletes’ data and giving the athletes and their personal coaches information they can use in their own training, both here and when they return home.