Tuesday 22 August 2017
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Hirooki Arai of Japan won Silver medal in the 50km walk of the IAAF World Championship

London 14 Aug 2017: Hirooki Arai of Japan won Silver medal in the 50km walk of the IAAF World Championship in London with a performance of 3:41:17hrs. He said " It was a really hard race, so silver is great. After Rio, this was a really important competition and many people were expecting a lot of me. So I was a bit under pressure. I am happy I managed to improve technically since Rio and got stronger. I had no crisis or problems during the race. In Rio, I was just a part of a group but here I was able to move forward and even to lead the group. So it was a good competition for me." His teammate Kai Kobayashi took bronze medal in a time of 3:41:19hrs. Kai said "I am so grateful to Arai for setting the pace. Thanks to him, we managed to get two medals today. We cooperated as a team and it is a good result for our country." -

Yin Hang of China won Silver medal in the first ever 50KM Walk event in the IAAF World Championship

London, 14 Aug 2017: Yin Hang of China won Silver medal in the first ever 50KM Walk event in the IAAF World Championship. She took 4:08:58hrs to complete race walk. She said "Today was important because I am just 20. It is my first international competition and it was a great experience. I am excited for silver but next time, I want to get the gold. It was a really hard surface, so I felt pain in my knees and hamstrings. Her teammate Yang Shuqing took Bronze medal with a performance of 4:20:49hrs. Yang said "Silver and bronze is great for the team. The final half of the race was really hard. So the crowd helped a lot. They gave me the power to finish the race. "

Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar win High Jump on the last day of IAAF World Championship

London, 14 Aug 2017: Asian superstar high jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar arrived in London with undefeated in six competitions and armed with the seven of the eight best clearances in the world, the Qatari was among the clearest favourites in the British capital over these ten days of competition.

Barshim admirably held up his end of the bargain with one of the most dominating high jump performances in recent memory to finally claim an elusive global outdoor title.

"I was so determined to win it," said Barshim, who took silver in 2013 but finished a disappointing fourth two years ago in Beijing. "I was expecting it tonight so I am glad I managed to fulfill my target tonight."

nd he made it look relatively easy, too.

The 26-year-old produced a flawless score card en route to his victory, sailing clear at 2.20m, 2.25m, 2.29m, 2.32m and 2.35m all with his first attempt to seal the win, his nation's third and its first in a dozen years. Even before he took that fifth jump, the title was all but secured, with only one other man still jumping. Read more on IAAF

Yang Jiayu of China is new World champion in 20km race walk

London 14 Aug 2017: A dramatic last 100 metres saw leader Lyu Xiuzhi disqualified, leaving Chinese team-mate Yang Jiayu to take gold in the women’s 20km race walk.

The chief judge’s red card was flashed in front of Lyu with seconds left, but it was so quick, and caught in the moment, she made for the line regardless only to discover her finish had already been recorded.

A cracking race came down to just four when the afterburners were lit at 16 kilometres, and the order of medals was still undecided with the line in sight.

Lyu and Yan put the hammer down to forge a tiny gap between them and Maria Guadalupe González, but the Mexican is made of strong stuff as demonstrated winning a silver at the 2016 Olympics and gold at last year’s IAAF Walking Team Challenge.

Even with the pain etched on her face, González strove to get level with Yang and Lyu until the judge’s intervention decided the order of things. Read more on IAAF

Salwa Eid Naser of Bahrain beat her hero to win sliver in World Championship

London, 10 Aug: Teenager Salwa Eid Naser of Bahrain became the first Asian to win medal in the Women 400m run. Naser set new National record of 50.06s to claim silver medal beating her childhood hero Allyson Felix to third place. Former World youth champion in 400m has progressed rapidly since her gold medal winning performance in Cali in 2015. 

Naser said “I think I surprised my opponents and I even surprised myself,” she said. “Coming to these championships, I really did not think about a medal. After all the hard training I have been through, I just hoped to do something big.

“I was not chasing Felix; I was pushing myself until the very end. I did not even see what was going on in the last metres. Felix is my role model. I am following her on Instagram.

“In the future I will also focus on the 200m, but it’s 400m for now.”